Discover the Swing Secrets used by 10-Time PGA Tour Winner Steve Elkington

Get a 5-part video preview of The Sequence: What Moves When, featuring Steve Elkington and Paul Kopp


the sequence


Isn’t it true that a following a road map to a place you’ve never been before makes it much easier to get there?

The answer may be obvious, but then how many golfers do you know that try to build a golf swing without a solid road map in place? They make it almost completely impossible to reach the destination!

But what if you had that road map to the golf swing?

What if you had a blueprint that you can follow, and reference, and learn from, so that you knew any time you got off track with your swing, you could look back at the road map and see where you veered off course?

Within this FREE 5-part video preview of The Sequence, in this video you will discover:

  • How to grip the club correctly every time
  • How the arms move during the swing
  • How to finish the downswing correctly to ensure consistency
  • How to apply your new swing while out on the course
  • and much more…